Le Introduction

Hello everyone! Hallo alle zusammen! 皆さん、こんにちは

Since I am active on LJ for quite some months now, I thought about writing a little introduction (about time, I know.) Nothing too mindblowing - just something about the person behind this blog.

My name is Sonja, I live in Vienna/Austria and I am a - more or less - poor student who is in love love love (slash addicted) with Japan (and everything that has to do with it). My second obsession would be coffee. Give me a cup of my black gold and you make my day. But let's quit the coffee chit-chat (before it gets out of control) and talk more about my blog and what you guys can expect from it.

As you can see up there I am sofreakingmuch slightly obsessed with Sakuraiba which led me to write fanfictions about them - I am writing since October 2012, so I am pretty much a newbie. Until now I only wrote about them - so my blog contains fanfictions just about them. I hope you will find something to read - you can find the link for my fanfiction masterpost in the sidebar on the right side!

Just to warn you in advance - this blog is not just about Sakuraiba fanfictions, it's also a place where I will pour my heart out from time to time. Most of the time you'll be lucky and I will spare you with my private life, because I tend to start writing an entry and in the end I am deleting it, but there are also times when I just want to share some of my thoughts. :)

I am happy about every comment that I receive - I always have an open ear for useful advices, constructive criticism & praising. And if you are just stopping by to say hello, then that's also perfectly fine :)

And before this thing here is getting too long - I will end my introduction now!

Have fun! Viel Spaß! 楽しんでね!

Closer / Drabble

Title: Closer
Pairing: Yasuda Shota & Ohkura Tadayoshi
Length: Drabble (around 760 words)
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own Kurayasu/Ohyass. Just the plot.
Note/Comment: Unbeta-ed. It's been a while since I wrote my last fic - it will take some time until I get into it again, but it's a start. (Gotta work on better endings and stuff. I just needed Ohyass fluff. So I wrote some myself lol)

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A single kiss / Drabble

Title: A single kiss
Beta: neko_90 - thank youuuu + sorry for bothering you with reading over my fics each time m(_ _)m
Pairing: Sakurai Sho & Aiba Masaki
Length: Drabble (around 360 words)
Rating: PG
Genre: fluff and fluff and fluff
Disclaimer: I don't own Sakuraiba. Just the plot.
Note/Comment: It's been.. quite some time since my last fic... sorry! Writer's block and change of interests kind of stopped me from writing new stuff. But well, ever since this "uchiwa/fan" topic came out (you know, fans writing mean stuff on uchiwas against Sho-chan), I got this new idea for a drabble. Enjoy!

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[fan gathering] Celebration of Arashi's 15th birthday in Vienna/Austria

Originally posted by ryoko293 at [fan gathering] Celebration of Arashi's 15th birthday in Vienna/Austria
Dear Arashians,

I know, I'm planning a bit ahead: As you all know, next year is Arashi's 15th birthday and there'll be many fanprojects held around that date.

Though Austria is a tiny country I wanted to let the fans, who live here, know that I'm planning a gathering for 2014 with games, DVDs screening, japanese food and more.
Unfortunately I only know of 5 local fans, who are willing to organize this little meeting with me. It's not gonna be anything fancy but just a little get together, fangirling ect.
Anyone with ideas is welcome to (private) msg me and if you'd just like to join the gathering then please feel free to msg me and just get there next year on

Sunday, 14th of September 2014 from 10am to open end. (since their birthday's on the 15th, we'll be able to celebrate 'into their birthday' since Japan is 7 hours ahead ^^v).

Don't be shy, I want to get to know as many fans as possible. Please share this with your Arashi-loving Austrian or currently in Austria-living friends, thank you. :Dv


Liebe Leute,

Es ist soweit, Arashi wird nächstes Jahr 15. Es gibt weltweit div Fanprojekte zu ihrem 'Geburtstag'.

Besteht Interesse seitens der österreichischen Arashi-Fangemeinde (falls eine solche existiert XD) sich für ein kleines gemeinsames Treffen in Wien zu versammeln?

Ich habe vor einigen Wochen mit Freunden schon Pläne für einen Arashi Tag ausgearbeitet, Spiele, die wir nachspielen könnten, aber auch Unterhaltung, Essensideen und einen Ort hätte ich auch schon. Ich kenne in Wien fünf Fans, die auf jeden Fall mitorganisieren und -machen würden.

Da sie am 15. September debütiert sind würde sich in diesem Fall Sonntag, 14. September 2014 von 10 Uhr bis Ende offen anbieten damit wir ihr ihren Geburtstag 'reinfeiern' können.

Bitte nicht schüchtern sein, ich hoffe ihr meldet euch zahlreich bei mir und verbreitet die Kunde wenn ihr Fans kennt. :Dv

I can't help falling in love with you and it's my destiny ♫ (Blog)


Oh god it's been ages since I posted something on my blog here. I am sorry m(_ _)m Especially with fanfics I am taking a bit of a break, because I have ideas, but they are just floading around in my head and I can't bring myself to write them down properly. Also... I have to say that I am not very satisfied with how I write anymore. And if I am not satisfied with my stories and my writing, then I think all of you people out there wouldn't be either. *a big sigh is following*

But okay - let's leave that topic behind for a bit and focus on my new awesome calendar for 2014! I made one... again! Woohoo! I posted a blog entry of my 2013 Sakuraiba calendar here on lj and I thought, why not doing the same thing with 2014 again. This time it's not a Sakuraiba one, but a mix of Arashi and Golden Bomber (okay it's more GB than Arashi but psst)

My cover picture is neither GB nor Arashi - it's a picture of the ferris wheel in Yokohama that I took this summer. Well... I am a hopeless Yokohama-romantic. I love this city to death and I probably always will come back to this place. I still have to fill the space beneath the picture and the "2014" :/

January: Well the year starts with Sho! That's a must since his birthday is on the 25th. He is going to be 32 then, right? Hell, he does not look like 32. Everybody is like "Nino looks like 17" but I think that Sho doesn't really age too.

February: Junjun and February don't really have anything in common, but I wanted him to be on that page. My year is starting off with my two number ones... I think that will boost my motivation for uni and work haha

March: I don't really know why I chose Sakuraiba for March - probably because Sakuraiba can be used for every freaking month. Because they are awesome. And my OTP. That's it :')

April: When I think of spring and April it's all about cherry blossoms. We have cherry blossom trees here in Austria, but they are from another sort of tree than those who are planted in Japan. So I put some pictures of cherry blossoms that I photographed last spring in Yokohama on that page *-* They are so pretty, I really want to go to Japan in spring again.

May: Okay so here are starting my Golden Bomber months. After Sakuraiba there is my second OTP, Kenji & Jun / Darupa. And before I will break out into serious Darupa feels and start flailing like the little fangirl that I am, I will stop right here. haha

June: I love the Golden Bomber pictures... they are colourful and happy and I think they fit perfectly for the start of summer ^-^

July: *drools over the right picture* *can't stop drooling* Okay... Sonja.. focus... :') Actually I was picking the pictures of Kenji randomly for July, and when I got the calendar I realized that the left one fits perfectly with the month. Kenji is posing with a typical Tanabata-arrangement and since Tanabata is on 7/7 it suits really well *-* *continues with drooling over the right pic*

August: So... August is Sakuraiba month. It's Matsujun month. But... moreover it's Junjun month. so OF COURSE I had to put him on that month's page. I especially love the picture of him and Gachapin *///*

September: I remember that I wrote last year that time is going by so fast and that I can't believe that this year would already be 5x14. BUT. NEXT YEAR. 5x15!! Can you believe that? Because I can't. A friend of mine told me that she wants to do a little Arashi event next year and I can't wait to join her *-*

October: Two words: Golden Bomber :') Nuff said.

November: My favourite month of the year, because it's my birthday! (Yeah that's maybe a bit egoistic, but hey... whatever haha) And it's also Kenji's birthday month. :3 *drools over every freaking picture*

December: And last but not least, the cutie pie himself... Aibacchi >////< And HE IS GOING TO BE 32 NEXT YEAR TOO. LIKE.. what?! 32? Huh? He doesn't look like 32.

So here it is... my calendar. I can't freaking wait for 2014 *-*
Bye! Baba! Mata ne!

Top 10 - Arashi ni Shiyagare (Blog)

The title pretty much says it. With this (more or less) little entry I will introduce you my personal Top 10 of the best Arashi ni Shiyagare episodes.
Shiyagare was the first Arashi Variety show that I saw and I immediately fell in love with the concept of not knowing who the guest is going to be and learning different things from their aniki guests.

Let's start then!

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Memeshikute♫ (Blog)


Recently I discovered a new band - or thanks to Shiyagare I got to know a new one. Yep, I am talking about Golden Bomber. (if you are following me on tumblr, you probably noticed that I am kind of addicted to them lately.. oops)

I have to say that I don't listen to J-Rock and I kind of can absolutely not relate to Visual Kei or anything like that - and because of those reasons I was a bit skeptical when I heard that a visual kei styled rock air band was going to appear in Shiyagare. But honestly? Ever since I watched that episode I am head over heels for them. One of the reasons why, is of course because of their catchy songs - and I cannot forget to mention "Memeshikute" at that point.

I swear this was on repeat for at least two days - until I thought like "okay this has to stop or otherwise you won't be able to listen to this song in a few days, because you are sick of it" - so I started to watch the Shiyagare episode on repeat until I thought the same thing again. Yeah, problems of a fan. Welcome to my world.

Lately I started to follow Jun's (bass) & Kenji's (drums) blogs and especially Kenji's is absolutely hilarious (mostly because of the pictures). I love it that the whole band doesn't take themselves so seriously. They pretty much do what they want and talk freely about things that other bands wouldn't even dare to say out loud. Like.. there are no restrictions. I like that!

I like their songs - but I love each one of their personalities. That's probably why I started to like them. And I think I didn't mention this before, but it was the same with Arashi for me. I started listening to their music more than two years ago now, but only since I discovered their variety shows I really fell for them and became a hardcore fan. I probably never said this, because some people are judging others for their reasons of becoming a fan... that's sad, but unfortunately the truth.

So in short - it's the same with Golden Bomber. I watched their appearance on "Shin Domoto Kyoudai" yesterday and I swear to god I laughed my freaking ass off. And at some points I was just like "Okay, wow you are saying this bluntly on (japanese) television without really giving a fuck". For example, Sho - the vocalist and leader - mention within the conversation: "Yeah I like watching porn, it's like BGM at my house" "I wonder if I should buy a bed, isn't a bed like an invitation for sex?" on the other hand Kenji - the drummer as I mentioned before - openely said (in front of Takahashi Minami, who is the leader of AKB Team A and a regular guest on the show): "Recently I like E-Girls more than AKB, they are more mature and sexier." And he did not give a fuck about Takamina. You know, I think japanese television or japanese Idols are often trapped in this golden cage - where all the bad words and the damage is kept away from them and their image, but this time it was just like: "Yeah that's my opinion and I don't care if you are from AKB, I just say what I think".

Did I mention that I love that? No restrictions. Talking without having to think about it.

I know that Arashi is not able to do that, because of their agency and because of the position they are in and I certainly won't complain about it, but for me it's just refreshing to see something else. And the combination of those two bands was just like freaking paradise. I wish Golden Bomber would have talked as freely on Shiyagare as they did on Domoto Kyoudai, but I guess they restrained themselves, because they appeared on an Arashi show. (Which is sad because Kinki Kids are also Johnny's. *sighs*)

I blabb to much (woops)! And now for a nice ending, I will present you the song that is currently burned into my head/mind/whatever:

Bye guys! :D ♪♫ Dance my generation ♪♫

Masterpost - Fanfictions

Here is a list of all my fanfictions that I wrote until now. I will update it everytime there is a new fanfiction, so keep an eye on that! :)


Connected PG13 - NC17 [completed]

Summary: Everyone has a certain someone or something that keeps you alive. That cheers you up and comforts you when you are down. Except for Sho. He was left behind when he was a child; alone for almost his entire life. But someday he meets the one person that can bring sunshine in his life for the first time ever..

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When you were young PG13 - NC17 [completed]

Summary: They are the complete opposite - Sho, the top student who is also the dream of every girl in school and Aiba, the average boy who fights against constantly getting bullied. What they don't know is their mutual affection for another which develops into an innocent love story.

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One Shots:

We can make it PG
Aiba is still sad, because he is not able to play the saxophone again. Thank god, there is Sakurai Sho.

Now and then PG
Aiba is not able to sleep alone after their big debut performance on Hawaii – and the only place he thinks of going is Shos hotel room.

冬の嵐 - Fuyu no Arashi PG13
A snow storm forces Aiba and Sho to stay one night in Aomori after they finished their shooting for Mago Mago Arashi. As they are trying to get some sleep, their new found love deepens…

Nothing else matters PG13
The story involves VS Arashi episode 93 – so if you don’t want to be spoilered.. you should better not read this. But I highly recommend it if you want to read Sakuraiba fluff ^__^/

Behind the scenes PG13
What happened during Sakuraibas shoot for the summer special when the cameras were turned off?

2:46 PG13
The earthquake of the century hits Japan and the one person that Sho loves the most is not at his side in that crucial moment - but he does everything to get to his side immediately. Even if that means risking his own life.

Right or wrong NC17
Aiba and Sho are caught in their marriages, building families and trying to live a steady life, but their feelings for each other can't be erased that easily.

Mine/Yours NC17
When jealousy and too much alcohol enable Aiba to do those certain things that he wanted to do for so long...

By your side PG
This One Shot contains little facts from the AnShi episode with Kaga Takeshi. So be aware if you don’t want to be spoiled.


If only PG13 / angst, character death
相葉茶 - Aiba Tea PG / fluff
Hair PG / fluff
BGM PG13 / fluff, romance
Interlude PG /fluff
Bedtime Story PG / fluff, family
A single kiss PG / fluff


Closer PG / fluff (Yasuda/Ohkura)